Lotik wireless sensors provides "point-of-use" water monitoring and metering to track usage and detect plumbing risks before they happen. 


As the company ramps up production in 2018, Totem is also providing branding services to help best position Lotik to tell its story.

All images this page courtesy of Lotik

All images this page courtesy of Lotik

In order to help our partner position its sensor technology as a common sense, cost-saving tool for residential and commercial buildings across the region, we evaluated the existing environment to tailor its marketing and thought leadership platform, developed a plan to help influence local water monitoring policies that would create a need for Lotik’s technology, facilitated introductions to potential customers in the form of property managers and local developers, and identified a business development opportunity with insurance companies looking to implement preventative technology.  

State and local governments nationwide have been working to create policies aimed at improving water efficiency in multi-family and commercial buildings. We believe our smart monitoring technology could be the solution, but as engineers and product developers, we were unsure how to create the right value proposition to reach the real estate industry and satisfy policy makers, let alone how to find the players in the space to approach. Partnering with Totem helped us to develop our pitch, identify market targets, and reach decision makers.
— Shane Eten, Co-Founder, Lōtik