Oonee is a modular self-operating pod for city streets that provides secure bicycle parking and public space amenities.

Cycling is one of the fastest growing modes of transportation in the United States. New York City alone has seen a 400% increase in popularity over the past generation, thanks in part to investments in bicycle lanes and bicycle sharing programs. According to a NYC Department of Health survey, more than half a million New Yorkers ride a bike at least several times a month.

Yet secure bike parking infrastructure remains non-existent. In its R&D phase, Oonee's own research revealed that more than half of cyclists have experienced theft, and more than 70% say that secure parking is a major concern.

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To bridge this gap, Totem principal Manuel Mansylla, in partnership with the company's co-founder, developed the rugged, yet sophisticated Oonee prototype that could provide a cost-effective solution.

The demo launched at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in April, and we are now working to secure other pilot locations, develop strategic partnerships with property owners and transit advocates, and raise venture capital to support the company's growth.

Totem has the right blend of expertise we need to help our company succeed. Their design capabilities matched with their industry connections and understanding of the way streets work offer a unique value proposition unmatched in the marketplace.
— Shabazz Stuart, CEO, Oonee


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