Where others might see the constraints of a city environment – dense streets, limited real estate, or a complicated regulatory process – we see the opportunity to utilize pragmatic design to create sustainable, more livable spaces for those who inhabit them.

Through our design studio, FANTÁSTICA, we focus on strategies that are nimble, community-driven, and replicable. Our placemaking services include a unique focus on narrative development, programming, and marketing, because we know places cannot fill their highest potential unless they are properly maintained and activated.

Our approach revolves around the unique character of an area, its surroundings, and the people who frequent it. We believe placemaking supports an important transformation in the minds of the people who use a public space, not simply in the space itself, which is why we strive in all our projects to bring together diverse stakeholders to envision and develop what is possible. To further facilitate this collaboration between the public and private sectors, our expertise also includes the creation of public private partnerships and entities like business improvement districts (BIDs) to help ensure an area’s sustainability and growth.

Rebranding Downtown Brooklyn

At the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership

Creating a strategic vision

For the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership

Imagining Brooklyn's gateway

along the brooklyn strand

Building an innovation district

In the Brooklyn Tech Triangle

Making public space replicable


Creating new public space

in the pearl street triangle