Radiator Labs makes the award-winning Cozy, the first commercial solution which enables individual temperature control in buildings with steam heat. 

At a time when heating is the single largest contributor of energy costs in New York City buildings, the Cozy helps to save money, increase tenant comfort, and address a major environmental issue related to greenhouse gas emissions.

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All photos this page courtesy of Radiator Labs

All photos this page courtesy of Radiator Labs

Totem works with Radiator Labs to introduce the Cozy to business enterprise clients and institutional partners, navigate financing mechanisms to unlock growth opportunities, and further develop the company's brand and narrative platforms.

“Totem has been an incredible resource for us. They have very good insight into our customers’ thought processes, and as a result, are well-positioned to offer valuable services in branding, business development, and, of course, prospective customer introductions.”
— Marshall Cox, Founder and CEO