Canal Street has a modern-day reputation as a bustling marketplace, synonmyous with its position as the heart of New York City’s Chinatown east of Broadway to the Manhattan Bridge and the former go-to destination west of Broadway for those in search of high-end counterfeit goods.

In the last decade, the City’s crackdown on the black market trade drove away many of the visitors to Canal Street between Broadway and West Broadway, leaving vacant storefronts and a feeling of disinvestment in its wake. 

Banner image courtesy of  m01229

Banner image courtesy of m01229

On behalf of local property owner, United American Land, we are working on an asset management strategy to revitalize the area. This effort will be geared toward creating a more seamless connection along the corridor to help energize and reactivate this destination for residents, workers, and visitors alike.

Having seen firsthand how the team at Totem was able to re-position Downtown Brooklyn as a major retail and commercial destination in a short amount of time, we knew exactly who to turn to help us revitalize the western end of Canal Street.
— Albert Laboz, Principal, United American Land