Our success in designing the Pearl Street Triangle prompted the City's Department of Transportation to consider other ways to work with our team to transform underutilized streets into vibrant public spaces - on a scale that could be easily replicated throughout the five boroughs.

Instantly, a Street Seat can create an attractive setting for eating, reading, working, meeting a friend, or taking a rest. FANTÁSTICA’s functional, pragmatic design – now the NYC DOT Street Seat standard – is highly replicable and helps make it easy for community organizations and local businesses to transform our streets into vibrant, social public spaces.
— Shari R Glickman, Senior Manager of Street Furniture and Contracts, NYC DOT
Images this page by Oscar Alberto

Images this page by Oscar Alberto


FANTÁSTICA’s design for mobile “Street Seats” is cost-effective, can be deployed in an area as small as one or two parking spaces, and is built to be easily assembled and disassembled for seasonal use. The result is elegant and functional sidewalk seating that creates neighborhood gathering spaces. DOT was so impressed with the result that they adopted our design, which has become the standard for all of New York City’s mobile Street Seat installations.


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