ZZ Driggs is a new kind of online marketplace that offers a modern, sustainable solution to an antiquated furniture industry that has yet to realize the seismic consumer shift toward access over ownership. 

ZZ features sustainable, locally-made furniture on subscription – designs available when people want, for as long as they need – with insurance and delivery complimentary. 

By meticulously curating works from top local design studios in New York, Los Angeles, and more, ZZ offers a practical and affordable option for modern living. 

All photos this page courtesy of ZZ Driggs

All photos this page courtesy of ZZ Driggs

Totem is working with ZZ Driggs to introduce the platform to business enterprise clients and institutional partners, navigate financing mechanisms to unlock growth opportunities, and support the local maker movement in Brooklyn (home to a robust design community).

The Totem team provides exceptional diligence and direction to make recognizable and resounding impact. Their combined backgrounds create a hat-trick of creativity, vision, and expertise that serves not only Brooklyn-based companies like ours, but sets the standard for global innovators working in urban markets worldwide.
— Whitney Falk, Founder and CEO, ZZ Driggs