The Brooklyn Strand is a community-driven placemaking and urban revitalization effort to connect Downtown Brooklyn to its waterfront and create an iconic gateway into Brooklyn.


While working at the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, our team in partnership with renowned architecture firm, WXY, helped advance the initial set of ideas by securing public funding to launch a robust community engagement process, which included a series of charrettes with more than 60 stakeholder groups over a two-year period. 

The result is a community-driven vision that rethinks a mid-20th century urban plan developed for car infrastructure to create a more continuous city fabric that is walkable, bike-friendly, and ultimately connects Downtown Brooklyn to the waterfront and neighborhoods in between.

Rendering courtesy of WXY

Rendering courtesy of WXY

If walking from one place to the other suddenly seemed like a sensible thing to do, companies confined to Dumbo could expand into Downtown Brooklyn, the border between affluent and low-income areas would grow more permeable, and navigating great floods of traffic would become a less necessary evil of Brooklyn life. New York is a city of interlocking property lines and minute jurisdictions, where one department doesn’t always know what another is doing on adjacent squares of asphalt. That’s exactly why we need the rare kind of linked thinking that the Brooklyn Strand represents. In real life, we move in seconds from park bench to sidewalk to skyscraper, and our quality of life depends on them all.
— Justin Davidson, New York Magazine

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