For decades the Archway of the Manhattan Bridge was closed to public access. It served as a storage area for bridge repair materials but acted as a veritable Berlin Wall separating the north and south sides of Dumbo.

The area to the south, between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, was the early home of reinvestment in Dumbo as private residences, office space, and retail flourished. But the area to the north failed to attract the same level of market attention. 

Banner image credit:  Steven J

Banner image credit: Steven J

Building on the success of the Pearl Street Triangle, we worked with the NYC Department of Transportation and renowned architect Marvel Architects to develop a common sense and pragmatic placemaking plan to re-open the Archway in 2008. Today it is one of Brooklyn's most beloved public spaces and in concert with the Pearl Street Triangle, has united the neighborhood and helped unlock tens of millions of dollars in additional private investment.

The approach we took to reclaiming public space in DUMBO attracted significant private investment in the neighborhood. Today the area teems with tech companies, residents, tourists, and retail. Tucker’s vision and efforts were a key part of that success.
— Janette Sadik-Khan, former Commissioner, NYC Department of Transportation


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